Pastoruri, 2016

Pastoruri, 2016

PhD Candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles

Writing my dissertation on the production of climate change knowledge and the politics of adaptation development in the Peruvian Andes. My work explores how the production of knowledge about the future (through predictive technologies), produces futures through state infrastructure and adaptation projects. I am especially interested in the politics of expert knowledge in shaping future possibilities.

Teaching Fellow for the UCLA Biotechnology and Society Cluster

Graduate Student Researcher at the Center for the Study of Women ethnographically studying residential water use in Los Angeles

Mentor in the Community College to PhD Program helping students design and implement research projects while aiding them with application materials to transfer to 4-year institutions

Research Interests

Climate Change & the Environment

Infrastructure (development, adaptation and management)

Experimental Ethnography (including visual and new media methods)

PhD Committee

Jessica CattelinoJason ThroopHannah Appel

Phillippe BourgoisSusanna Hecht